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AI solution for enterprise, accounting firms, and SMEs

Workspez solution works as a “plugin” or an additional solution on top of your existing finance solution. It enhances your current solution with higher accuracy, faster documents processing and significantly reduces error rate.

A New Way for Accounting is Here!

Automate Your Work.

Artificial intelligence technology has enabled us to perform a variety of automation in many areas that were impossible in the past.

Better Productivity and Quality

Our solution has proven records of better productivity with high quality, in terms of processing millions of data compared to human effort. Not to mention the speed of processing.

Enterprise and SMEs

Our solution not only enables immediate cost reduction, but also provides higher accuracy, greater speed, as well as higher effectiveness. Your business can grow without adding more headcount!

Accounting and Audit Firms

Our solution integrates well with any accounting solutions. With our AI technology, you can gain significant improvement in terms of processing speed, accuracy, and effectiveness. Say goodbye to manual works that is stopping you from doing great things!

Why Choose Us?

Workspez delivers Artificial Intelligence solution in Accounting. Our solution helps small to medium companies in Southeast Asia to reduce accounting cost and streamline accounting process to be less tedious.

Highest Security

Your data is safe with us in our bank level security cloud storage and databases.

Reliable Partners

Our internal team and partners are ready to help you with your book keeping, management reports and any accounting tasks anytime.

Save Money

Instead of hiring accountants and paying them every month, why not invest in us, your friendlier, faster and more reliable software?

Fast Processing

Time is money, and everyone likes money! With a 98% accuracy, you can get things done faster than any accountant can.

Document Automation

You can now cut back on typing invoices in and instead record them by uploading images or PDF files of the invoice! You can go from 0 to 100 real quick!

High Mobility

As long as you are connected with the internet, you are able to use our platform without installing any software. You can just use your web-browser.


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