AI Solution for Enterprise

Workspez enterprise solution works as a “plug-in”. We are able to connect to many enterprise accounting solutions named SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. Our own AI technology takes the automated document processing to the next level with higher accuracy, faster processing, and cheaper working capital.


Our AI learns continuously when there is new data. This process helps improve accuracy and efficiency significantly as time progresses, which includes duplicate invoices prevention and other control measurements.

Minimum Effort to Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Minimum effort to achieve maximum efficiency is no longer a dream or fantasy! Our customers have been enjoying these benefits since Day 1.

Next level of Automation

High Visibility on Account Payable

Your account payable visibility and cash flow planning will be significantly improved by shortening the time required to process invoices using our solution.

Simplified Business Process

Put the right focus on the right place, and let the automation do the rest to complete your work.

Say Goodbye to Late Payment

One of highest reasons for late payment is due to longer processing time. This harms the relationships with suppliers. Our solution reduces this risk more effectively than any other solutions.

Improved Control on Payment

Invoice checking is implemented by our AI technology to make sure duplicated entries and invalid invoices are eliminated before it goes for processing.


Painless Implementation


Our solution works as a plug-in. It is easy to install and you can use it quickly.


Our ready-to-use basic package can be installed within a couple of mandays!

Highly customization

Our solution can be highly customized according to your needs so that it fits into your business process.

High User Acceptance

Our solution requires little training. Hence, this will bring about a higher user acceptance in your organization.

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