AI Solution for Accounting Firm

Our Workspez solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for our document processing. This enables us to process documents more efficiently compared to doing it manually. Our solution is capable of performing auto-matching backlog transactions efficiently and precisely. Not only that, our AI continuously learns through pattern recognition during processing in order to achieve higher accuracy as time goes by.

A Quicker Process

Our AI would love to process mountains of backlog documents and deliver the results faster than the traditional or manual way.

Reduce Mandays of Work

Our solution has been reducing mandays of work to process documents from preparation until completion of financial statements.

Better automation with lower cost

Constantly learning

Our internal robot is constantly learning how to process documents to be faster and better over the course of time.


Save mandays from manual work

Accounting processes take time when they are done manually. Imagine if this can be automated, how much cost and time can be saved? The answer is a lot.

Automation on data matching

Even with enough supporting documents, it is still challenging to perform data matching manually. Our solution is able to complete this in a matter of seconds.

Be ready all day long

Our solution is active all day long, even after midnight when there is still an overwhelming amount of tasks in hand. You can perform the processing at night, let it run by itself and get the results in the morning.

Three Steps on Implementation

1. Development

Our team will perform requirement gathering and testing to come up with a customized solution that will fit into your existing solution and process.

2. Deployment

Once it is deployed, our AI will keep learning from Day 1 Operations.


3. Improvement and Support

Our dedicated team will provide improvements and support, which includes training your team to use our solution effectively.

AI Driven Technology Results

When comparing between the traditional method and ours, we are able to reduce the time used significantly, from 16 mandays to only 5 mandays to complete one account. This process has been adopted by many accounting firms in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

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